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The Chrysalis Executive Search & Permanent Hire Way.....
The Chrysalis Effort is focussed on understanding the importance of the 3 C’s - Client, Candidate and Consultant, the interplay of each being very crucial to the success of the assignment.
Chrysalis Consulting plays the role of the enabler during the process.

Client Engagement entails a series of meetings where we broadly comprehend the scope and nature of the assignment
Business Understanding - We try to understand your business and the need for the new hire. We take your inputs on expectations from the candidate. Research the industry and competitors.
Essentials - Identify the specific needs of the assignment in terms of candidate experience, exposure, role, responsibilities etc.
Desirables – We let you speak on about the attributes your dream candidate should have.

Candidate Engagement is the process during which we connect with the candidate and traverse the following path:
Client Talk – We tell him all about you, the industry you operate in, the constraints and the opportunities therein.
The Brief – Explain the scope, nature & responsibilities associated with the position.
Road Map – We understand the kind of opportunity the candidate is looking for and also where he wants to be in terms of career within a certain period of time.

Consultant Enabler-
Research & Map – Put in sufficient man hours to research and study your industry and business. Identify competitors and contemporary businesses that could be the source of talent for you.
Match the Talk – Match expectations from both sides and address concerns if any. Consultative Collaborative Approach towards the client and the candidate.
Facilitate - Act as the catalyst in bringing together the client and the candidate and facilitate closure.
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